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 Submitting New Claim of Lien
TO POST your claim of lien costs nothing. To do so:
  1. You must be a registered user to search and post on our service.
  2. Registering means agreeing to our User Agreement/Terms & Conditions
  3. Posting claims of lien on www.marineliens.com is free of charge.
  4. Start your search using one search field at a time : Hull ID, Registration number, or Name/Hailing Port combination. If the boat is found, proceed with placing the claim of lien.
  5. It is your responsibility to provide enough information about the vessel in question to uniquely identify it.
  6. Hull Identification Number, State or Country Registration, or Vessel Name and Hailing Port and Country of Registry are usually sufficient to correctly identify a vessel.
  7. All postings are accepted pursuant to the User Agreement/Terms & Conditions.
  8. To facilitate the settlement process, you agree to share your contact information with other users of www.marineliens.com
  9. We strongly recommend that you print both summary and detailed view of the claims of lien for your records.
  10. Anyone can place a claim of lien on a boat, there is no legal process required in order to post a claim of lien.
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