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 News Notes No. 1

Welcome to the first edition of the MarineLiens.com News Notes

Boat Shows

Boaters are Buying! Boat show attendance reportedly has remained consistent with, or slightly down from, last year. However, what has changed dramatically is the rise in quality of attendance. People are buying.

Attendance at the New England Boat Show, held at the Bayside Exposition Center in Boston from February 16�24 and put on by the Massachusetts Marine Trades Association, was strong through to closing time on the last day of the show. Many exhibitors took boat and products orders at the show, and were promised future orders over the coming months.

The Miami, Florida shows, which boast to be the Western Hemisphere�s best among the series of springtime shows, have reported similar attendance patterns. The Miami shows, hosted at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Sealine Marina and Yachting Center, and Miamarina at Bayside, were well organized and effectively coordinated. There were fun activities for the entire family, which contributed to an upbeat atmosphere. The quality of attendance was reported to be up, creating positive attitudes among exhibitors�many of whom feel the real work will be filling the orders they received!

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida hosted the International BoatBuilders� Exhibition & Conference (IBEX), produced by the Professional BoatBuilder magazine, and featuring products, services, and new technology for the marine trade. This year the show increased in size by 25 percent, and drew attendees from all over the world. The educational seminars offered at the show are extremely popular among attendees and exhibitors. For details visit www.ibexshow.com.

The January shows, New York and Toronto, fit the same reported pattern of attendance, with the same positive results of buyers. The New York show at the Javitts Center is situated in mid Manhattan and across the street from the Weehawken ferry terminal. The weekend traffic was heavy so the best days for talk with industry personnel were Monday and Tuesday. Although the show was well organized and professionally presented, the atmosphere wasn�t as successful at generating activities as it was at the Miami show. Next year the show is being rescheduled to straddle New Year�s Eve. Although many exhibitors and attendees aren�t happy, it could offer an interesting opportunity to turn the show into a winter Mardi Gras? Let�s see how creative show management will get with this.

The Toronto Show, the largest show in Canada, is impressive, drawing boaters from both coasts of the country. The show�s effective layout was easy to navigate. The weekdays offered the best time to have discussions with the exhibitors, since the weekend crowds kept staffs in high gear. Although the show was primarily a powerboat show, there was a good cross-section of sailboats to view as well, with boats up to approximately 50'.

Commercial Fishing show in Rockland, Maine was located at the beautiful Samoset Hotel overlooking the golf course with Rockland Harbor in the background. The fishing expo ran for three days and featured the latest and greatest in gear, electronics, and mechanicals on display. Conferences on pertinent issues were offered throughout the days. The show and conferences draw about 5,000 attendees from all over the northeast United States. One interesting program to note asks fishermen to report from their boats to scientists and government researchers via electronic media, giving the volume, species, and location of fish caught. The data is used to identify and recreate the conditions in which species thrive. Replenishment of the oceans� resources continues to be a high priority to the marine industry.

MarineLiens.com Debuts

MarineLiens.com was introduced at these shows with encouraging reactions. The responses were consistent at each of the shows:

98% of the industry is positive about using MarineLiens.com as a tool in their business;

60% of those interviewed expressed the need for a service like this during the past five years;

25% had liens to post on the site right away.

Polling was done during the above-mentioned five shows during January and February of this year. The results indeed validate the site as an important tool for the management of accounts receivables in the marine industry.

Legal Help is on its way

Each week MarineLiens.com receives requests for legal assistance as it pertains to liens or arrests. Generally we can refer inquiries to an attorney, but there are many ports around the world in which we have yet to establish connections. We are creating a section of our site that will list attorneys by country. Please pass on our e-mail address, click here, to maritime attorneys you know would like to be included on our list.

Site upgrades

We have made some changes to our site to enhance its functionality:

Industry Links

We are now listing marine-related resources. If you have a marine business and would like to list it on our resource page, please submit a description of your products or services in 20 words or less to click here. Include your contact information in the following format:
Name of Company
Web site URL
E-mail address

Lien-Claim Notification

Notify the owner or agent of your claim of lien immediately by e-mailing a notice right from the site. After you post your lien claim, the site will prompt you to enter the e-mail address of the owner or agent of that claim. She or he will be e-mailed a certificate of the claim, which includes instructions for resolution of the claim. This notification is not required, but it�s helpful in bringing together the disputing parties.

International Differences

Countries of course vary in the way dates, currency, and measurements are expressed. Liens can now be stated in any currency, measurements can be stated in either feet or meters, and you will be prompted now on the date format.

Database Growth

Our database is being populated with boats and vessels as we acquire them. Many users struggle with the correct spelling of the name; having the vessel already in the database helps to determine the correct boat and will speed up the process for both users posting the claims and users searching on the claims.

Site Navigation

Navigation options are changing to simplify the process. It will enable direct access to the database from the home page, which will benefit returning users.


Newsletters now will be archived for future referencing.

The enthusiasm so far generated for MarineLiens.com is encouraging. The industry is recognizing that there has long been a need for a lien-posting and -searching service, and we are working to create a site as user-friendly and effective as possible. Thank you for your support, and look for future updates as the database continues to grow.

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