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 Customer Testimonial

MarineLiens Ltd. is proud to relate success stories from MarineLiens.com site users. Recently one user, who represents a boatbuilding company, posted a lien claim on the site, and was able to collect on an outstanding debt in remarkably short time:


November 29, 2003


Mr. David Hayward


Dear David,


Last month, I posted two vessels that owed me money on your website.


I found it very easy to post the liens and print copies to forward to the appropriate people (Lawyers). I received full payment within two weeks of the first posting, because I presented a very official looking document that sent a message to everyone involved, that the vessel was not going any where until the invoices were paid.


My second lien posting is still open, as I have not found the vessel, however I'm confident that when someone checks the vessel for liens on your service, my lien will come up and they may call me. They should at least ask the owner how he plans on paying them before starting any work.


One final note, after posting the liens, I felt better and much more comfortable about recovering the money owed to me, because I was sharing my problem with our industry and possibly helping someone else from getting stung.


Please hold your course, because your service is one of our industries greatest resources.


Best regards,


Stephen I. Bunnell
Independent Marine Surveyor


I believe that lodging our lien through the MarineLiens.com service helped prod our customer into paying his debt to us. After weeks of trying to collect from him, we finally received the payment only one week after posting the lien. Thank you for providing this service.

  Marceline Therrien
Business Manager
Joakim Jonsson Boatbuilding
Oakland, California, USA

I can strongly recommend anyone with a dispute concerning payment for work carried out to use your site as additional leverage to bring the other party back to reality and the negotiating table. I set up my computer to notify me if the owner of the vessel(with whom I had the dispute) attempted to list/sell the boat using the internet. Sooner or later the dispute will have to be addressed since a marine lien stays with the vessel. It is only a question of patience and time before the owner wants to sell the boat.


A great site and a help to the honest contractor trying to get just payment for work or services rendered.

  Many thanks for your help.
Stuart Dodd

232 Imperial Lane
Lauderdale by the Sea
USA FL 33308


The lien (posted on Marineliens.com) may have hit at just the right time to get them thinking the boat would get taken next.


Thanks again for a great product. If you are ever in the States I owe you lunch.


Best of winds,
Keith Notary
690 Timuquana Dr.
Merritt Island
USA 32953


I feel that your site had lots to do with it collecting our money, also I did file a civil case but he settled before court. I have been telling everyone about your site. It is so difficult to find anyone that has any information on boat liens.


Thank you and your site.

John Richtscheidt
Webtivity Designs
2408 43rd Avenue West
Bradenton, Fl. 34205
Phone: (941)753-7574


We put a lien on a boat back in April. It worked, we've been paid. Thank you very much.


Petros' Marine Service
2270 Newport Blvd.
Newport Beach
California, USA 92663
[email protected]
(949) 673-5040


Thank you for providing the service. I hope we never have to use it again.


Arthur I. Karpf
West Harbor Yacht Service, Inc.Tel: 914-636-1524
101 Harbor Lane WestFax: 914-636-1359
New Rochelle NY 10805e-mail: [email protected]


We were very pleased to be able to use your service and found it simple and effective. The customers that we presented the liens to were previous customers with slow pay habits and it helped the collection process. After the lien was in place, I mailed a copy to the customer for their records. Apparently the 'look' was enough for them to pay. We will use your service if and when a customer becomes tardy or even if they want to make payments until the account is paid in full. Thanks for all of your help.



David L. New, President
Basin Marine, Inc.
829 Harbor Island Dr.
Newport Beach, California, USA 92660

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